It is a popular opinion that the Lambergh, Château & Hotel is the most beautiful wedding spot in all of Slovenia.

The Renaissance château and Julian Alps with the Triglav in the centre provide a beautiful setting just bursting with romance.

A fairy-tale atmosphere and dream like ambience is guaranteed on entering the castle gardens with several sand paths leading to the pavilion where you declare 'I do'.


The wedding ceremony at Lambergh, Chateau & Hotel is a truly memorable and special occasion. The wedding pavilion in the center of our beautiful park is specifically located to provide complete privacy to share your special moment exclusively with your loved ones.

Immerse in the romance of the breath-taking surroundings and let the sound of the soft breeze and singing birds dissolve any trace of formality to leave remaining only the soul touching beauty of your special moment.

Even rain cannot affect your special day at Lambergh, Château & Hotel. In such an event the wedding ceremony is held in the elegant chateau's Golden Cross chamber. A beautiful and intimate atmosphere is ensured with artistic glass decorations and antique interiors to provide an immersive and romantic alternative location for your wedding ceremony.

The wedding ceremony package includes everything you need:



  • Wedding pavilion in the park
  • Chateau's Golden Cross Chamber (in case of rain)

Professionally prepared ceremonial setting

  • Wedding decoration of the park and the pavilion (chamber)
  • Preparation of the table according to the official protocol requirements
  • Elegant white chairs for the couple and the maid of honour / best men
  • Wedding ring bearer pillow
  • Slovenian and European flags
  • Wedding carpet

Organisation and coordination of the wedding protocol

  • The preparation of a personalised wedding protocol scenario
  • Organization of the civil wedding ceremony with accompanying protocol
  • Supervision and coordination of the wedding protocol
  • Wedding march
  • Rice for the participants (according to the Slovenian tradition rice is thrown on the newlyweds after the ceremony for good luck)