Classic Swedish full body massage (45/60 min)

The main principal of this massage is touch. The massage was named after a Swede, a professor and doctor Per Henrik Ling. It is a full body massage involving systematical skin touching which raises comfort and improves health. It involves techniques: effleurage (sliding or gliding), petrissage (kneading), tapotement (rhythmic tapping), friction (cross fiber of with the fibers) and vibration/shaking. It effects both body and the soul. With this massage we improve general well-being, we affect the skin, skeletal muscles, bloodstream, lymph flow, joints, subcutaneous fat tissue, nerve system and mental well-being. The 60 minute massage includes taking care of your feet.

Partial back massage (30 min)

With this massage we achieve relaxation and increased blood flow within the muscles that are located along the spine and increment to the vertebra and the shoulders blade. We eliminate the muscle knots that emerge because of the disorder in the local metabolism and long term muscular effort. The entire spine is heated, stretched and the flexibility of the entire shoulder girdle is increased.

Anti-stress massage (45 min)

This massage is perfect choice for everyone that is exposed to stress of looking for the perfect relaxation of the body and soul. To make the massage even more effective, we use a special anti-stress oil, that contains essential oils of lavender and grapefruit, sunflower and avocado oils and vitamin E, which protects the skin form premature ageing. It’s relaxing massage of the back, neck, cleavage, face and head. The gentle massage moves bring a spectacular body relaxation and release all muscular tension throughout the body.

Massage with “hot” oil (40 min)

It’s classical Swedish massage combined with warm oil. Preheated oil benefits to the total body relaxation.

Chocolate massage (75 min)

Before the massage you recieve a coconut exfolitation which removes the dead skin cells and impurities. The exfoliation is followed by a chocolate massage. Chocolate pampers the body and soul, feeds and cares the skin and makes it softer. It also accelerates the blood circulation and the smell of cocoa strongly influences the secretion of serotonin - the hormone of happiness.

Please note

  • We reccommend you make a reservation one day beforehand.
  • Please give us your personal data and a contact number when making a reservation.

Cancelation and arrival to the appointment

  • In case of cancelling your reservation, please let us know at least 4 hours prior to the appointment.
  • When arriving to the appointment, please arrive 10 minutes earlier so you can prepare for your treatment. In case of delay we will have to make your appointment shorter and charge it according to the price list.