There is a wide range of outdoor activities and special events in the surroundings of the hotel, including adventurous sports and peaceful, relaxing walks …

Radovljica, a town of culture, is only a couple of minutes a way while Bled can be reached within 10 minutes by car.

The Lambergh, Château & Hotel is an ideal starting point for all your favourite leisure activities!


This area is famous for its stunning landscapes and riding a bike is one of the best ways to explore this part of Slovenia. You can bring your own bicycle or hire one at the hotel. Please contact the reception of the hotel for advice and further arrangements.

There are many very interesting walking paths in the surroundings of the hotel suitable for beginners as well as for more demanding sportsmen, such as Kamen Castle (30 min from the hotel), St. Peter (50 min from the hotel), Dobrča or many others. To hire trekking poles or a guide please make arrangements at the hotel.

Distance from the hotel: 5 km

Riding is possible in Žirovnica, a village near the hotel. It could be in manege or a riding trip. Please make your reservation at the reception of the hotel where we can also arrange trips of your choice and prepare individual offers.

Distance from the hotel: 10 km

The Sava Dolinka and the Sava Bohinjka offer many opportunities for pleasant and calm rafting organised by local agencies. Please find more information at the reception of the hotel.

Distance from the hotel. 10 – 20 km

The Sava Bohinjka and the Sava Dolinka are both suitable for kayaking and canoeing, while canoeing is also possible in the lakes of Bled and Bohinj. Courses can be organised in order to learn the basic elements of these interesting and adventurous sports.

Distance from the hotel: 9 km

Canyoning is an adrenalin-full adventure and will have you jumping and sliding down waterfalls, swimming in crystal clear river pools. It is usually organised by local agencies. Please contact the reception of the hotel for further information.

Distance from the hotel: 7 – 30 km

Fishing is possible in the Sava Bohinjka, the Sava Dolinka, the Radovna river and in the lakes. These waters are home to trout, grayling, freshwater perch, pike, bleak and many others.

Please note that a permit is needed so check with the reception of the hotel for details and purchases.

Distance from the hotel: 2,5 km

The Castle Baths in Bled are open from June to September. There is an indoor swimming pool and a protected area in the lake itself. The area offers a slide, a trampoline and other facilitites to make sure your afternoon is playful and pleasant.

Distance from the hotel: 2 km

A calm, peaceful balloon ride over Bled and Radovljica excites everyone. It is an experience never to be forgotten. Observe the preparations before take-off, experience your own 'baptism of fire' if it is your fist balloon ride and receive your very own diploma afterwards.

Distance from the hotel: 2 km

The Lesce Alipne Flying Centre offers panoramic flights over Bled or even the Triglav. The airport is a very popular spot for everyone interested in ballooning, flying or even paragliding. The pilots are extremely experienced and the views breath-taking.

Distance from the hotel: 16 km

A zorbing ride is an unforgettable event and a very safe way of experiencing centrifugal force. It is designed in such a way that everybody taller than 145 cm and lighter than 100 kg can participate. This exciting adventure is only 20min from the hotel!

Distance from the hotel: 9 km

The slope in Straža near Bled becomes a tobogganing track in summer. The slope is interesting enough to guarantee you an adrenalin-full experience.

Distance from the hotel: 9 km

This adrenalin park in Bled is home to many different adventures. The 71 adventures available at the park are suitable for children older than 4 years.

Distance from the hotel: 6 km

The 18 hole King's Course at the Bled Golf & Country Club is the oldest in Slovenia and among the most beautiful ones in Europe. There is also a smaller, 9 hole Lake Course. Please contact the reception of the hotel for further arrangements and reservations.

Distance from the hotel: 6-9 km

The 18 hole mini golf course at Bled is one of the biggest mini golf courses in Europe (total length 288 m) and a very popular one as well.

Distance from the hotel: 3 – 9 km

There are several tennis courts in the surroundings of the hotel. Please contact the reception of the hotel for further arrangements.


Distance from the hotel: 7 – 40 km

Dvorska vas is in the heart of Gorenjska, which is the most developed Slovenian ski area. Kranjska Gora, Krvavec and Vogel are easily reached and so is Straža which is only 9 km from the hotel.


Distance from the hotel: 25 -35 km

Off pist skiing and ski touring have become extremely popular in recent years. The Julian Alps and the Karavnke Alps offer many opportunities, but demand more experienced skiers. The Pokljuka Plateau is a very good and the most natural starting point.


Distance from the hotel: 9 km

The best choice for night sledding is from the old border crossing Ljubelj where you can enjoy night as well as day sledding. The track is 2.5 km long and the difference in height is 320 m. The torch-lit trip lasts two hours. Transfers to and from the slope can be organised and arranged from the hotel.


Distance from the hotel: 2.5 – 25 km

If the weather permits there are numerous cross-country skiing trails marked around the hotel, but the best cross country skiing is at the Pokljuka Plateau, 20 km from the hotel. There are more than 30 km of well-marked trails, suitable for beginners as well as more demanding runners.


Distance from the hotel: 3.5 – 7 km

Skating is possible at an outdoor skating ring at Radovljica (only 3 km from the hotel) and at an indoor skating ring and two outdoor skating rings in Bled (from October – April). Please contact the reception of the hotel for more information.


Distance from the hotel: 500 m

Squash, one of the most intensive sports,can be played at Zgoša, only 500 m from the hotel. Please check with the reception of the hotel for further information.

Distance from the hotel: 3.5 km

The centre of Radovljica is full of old buildings from the 15th and the 16th centuries, among them being Sivec House (from the 16th century) which hosts a gallery and a wedding hall. Opposite Sivec House there is the baroque Manor with the Beekeeping Museum. The Gothic Parish Church of St Peter is also worth visiting.

Distance from the hotel: 2 km

Begunje is a village in the municipality of Radovljica. 12th century Kamen Castle is just outside the village and 16th century KATZENSTEIN Mansion in the centre of the village. The mansion was used as a prison by the Gestapo during the Second World War. The castle used to belong to the Lambergh family. On the hill behind Begunje there is St Peter's church from the 16th century. During the time of Turkish invasions the locals used to lit fire on the hill to signal the danger.

Distance from the hotel: 8.5 km

Slovenia's most important poet was born in Vrba in 1800. His renovated birth house hosts a gallery showing most important features of Preseren's life and work. While there, visit also the Gothic church of St Mark.

Distance from the hotel: 11 km

Kropa is a picturesque little village famous for mining iron ore and producing decorative wrought iron. Their products can be seen at the Blacksmith Museum.

Distance from the hotel: 7 km

Bled, with its surroundings, is one of the most picturesque and popular alpine resorts. The castle museum dating back to the year 1004 and 17th century church on the island (which is the only natural island in Slovenia) are only the beginning of your trip. There are so many attractive sights to be visited, including several galleries and cultural events.

Distance from the hotel: 5.5 km

The Basilica of Our Lady of Perpetual Help, Queen of the Slovenes is only about 5 km from the hotel. It has been a centre of pilgrimage since 1863 when several miraculous healings happened. So far the basilica has been visited by more than 14 million believers from all over the world.

Distance from the hotel. 3.5 km

The castle stands just outside Begunje. It was built in the 12th century and had many owners in the past, the most famous being the Lambergh family who lived there from the 15th – 17th centuries. The remains of the castle expect you with a well-kept Roman tower.

Distance from the hotel: 4.5 km

The church on the hill is one of the most interesting sights of church architecture and painting in Gorenjska. The view from the hill is astonishing and the best way to visit the church is on foot (about 50 minutes). It is suitable for children as well.

Distance from the hotel: 2.5 km

The museum is located in the centre of Begunje, next to the Gostilna Avsenik. Slavko Avsenik and his brother Vilko are the icons of Slovenian mainstream oberkrainer music. The museum represents the history and development of the Avsenik Brothers Ensemble and their music which is known all around the world.

Distance from the hotel: 3.5 km

In the cellar of the Lectar there is the Gingerbread Museum. It demonstrates the production of gingerbread and honey dough hearts. Their first workshop was established in 1766 and in 1822 they opened a pub. The workshop as we see it today was newly opened in 2006 but the equipment and the tools are original.

Please contact the reception of the hotel to get up to date information about performances, cinema, opera & ballet, exhibitions and other cultural events.